MachineWorks Upgraded To Version 5

LightWork Design is now shipping a new version of MachineWorks, bringing it to version 5. MachineWorks is a CNC simulation and verification toolkit designed for manufacturing applications. The new version includes enhancements to the engines iVisicuti, iPixelcuti, and iMulticuti. According to LightWorks Design:

LightWork Design, based in Sheffield, UK announced a major new release of their acclaimed MachineWorks technology that features two new geometric engines and a new market-focused structure.

MachineWorks is LightWork Designis leading CNC simulation and verification toolkit for manufacturing software developers. It combines unparalleled speed and accuracy with industrial strength robustness, and is embedded within the majority of the world’s CAM packages.

Along with enhancements to the core true solid engine ‘Visicut’, two new geometric engines, ‘Pixelcut’ and ‘Multicut’ have been launched. Pixelcut enables the user to quickly simulate large toolpaths on low specification PCs, and CNC controllers with a limited memory size. Multicut is LightWork Design’s patent pending, groundbreaking technology that succeeds in combining speed with a never-before-seen analytical accuracy. This enables the user to infinitely zoom into a CNC toolpath without any compromise in geometric and visualization quality.

MachineWorks version 5 also sees the launch of a new, more market focused licensing structure that now includes a specialist die/mold module based on Multicut, alongside a multi-axis module.

You can find more information about the new version of MachineWorks at the LightWork Design Web site. Pricing information available from the sales department.