Macinchat Variety Show Kicks Off 20th Episode

The folks at the Macinchat Variety Show have launched their 20th episode. The Macinchat Variety Show is an Internet broadcast of, well, a Mac variety show. The show has also released a CD of the first 15 episodes in MP3 format. From The Macinchat Variety Show:

Welcome to the 20th episode of an internet radio show that a wild band of chimpanzees could do better, itis the glorious “Macinchat Variety Show." Starring your hosts and partners in organized crime, "Mr. Sac" and "The Shark." (The names have been changed to thwart the national manhunt for us--itis amazing how fast people recognize you from one little episode of "Americais Most Wanted.")

Anyway, this week dives deeper into the sludge and brings out your favorite skits, including "Jargonwatch X with Mr. Sac and Ed MacMan," the return of everyoneis favorite beer-drinking pirate, the official play-along Macinchat drinking game, and a funny Mac-related call to everyoneis favorite 24 hour restaurant...Donit forget the return of "Macinchat Theater," where anything goes. Hell, we even have a new opening theme built by the furry, yet lovable, Mr. Sac. Thereis much more, so tune in to the show located at

The CD is done! We have the official Macinchat Radio CD, containing the first 15 shows in MP3 format. If you would like a copy, they are only 10 clams and can be ordered from the Web site.

The show isnit live, and all you have to do to tune in is to head to the showis Web site. You can listen via QuickTime or MP3.