Macinchat Variety Show Message Board Available

The Macinchat Variety Show has announced a new message board focused on the show. The new message board allows users to discuss the show, but also to post ideas for show skits, commercials, contests, and anything else they can think of. The Macinchat Variety Show promises to use listener postings directly on the show. According to Macinchat Variety Show:

The 2 wackos from the Macinchat Variety Show Would like to announce their new message board. Unlike other message boards our is truly an interactive message board. Contest, ideas, updates, reviews, trivia and whatever else spewing out of their heads will be posted on the message board. What do we mean by interactive? Well, we ask for your ideas and we will use those ideas directly on the show. Got an idea for a fake commercial, tell us, got an idea for a phony phone call, tell us weill probably do it. Got a skit idea, tell us.

Not only show stuff but chat about all things Mac!

Also for the first time ever we offer a Mac Personals section! Thatis right, find you soul Mac partner on

Not only that but if you register and send us your photos, we will use that as your avatar!

You can listen to the show, and find more information about the new message boards, at the Macinchat Variety Show Web site.