Macintosh User Group Page Looks Back At MACWORLD

The MUG Center has posted a series of articles, information, and more importantly pictures from the recent MACWORLD Expo in San Francisco. Those that were unable to attend the show, or were there but would like to look back at what went on, should be sure to stop by the MUG Center Web site. According to MUG Center Editor-in-Chief, Chuck Joiner:

The results of the User Group University Workshop are now online. Findout how user group leaders from around the world would solve commonproblems facing your group.MACWORLD EXPO NEWS:
Our Macworld Expo Photo Galleries page is open! If youhave or know of an online photo gallery or iMovie site of User GroupUniversity, Macworld Expo or any of the related events, send the link tous and weill link to it.

Apple has published an article on User Group Guides atMacworld Expo 2001, authored by David Roemer, Appleis former User GroupProgram Intern.

We have a new page up with the names and faces of the usergroup volunteers who staffed the User Group Guide program at MacworldExpo. Thanks to all of them for offering their time and effort to helpothers at the show.

The User Group University Yearbook is now online! Yes, weknow it is large and takes a long time to load, but it is worth it to seethe faces and accomplishments of the leaders in the MUG community whogathered in Cupertino before Macworld to trade ideas and information onhow to make MUGs better.

The winners of the Adobe User Group University Newsletterand Web Site Contest have been posted. Winners included:

  • Santa Fe Mac Users Group
  • MacNexus
  • Corvallis Mac Users Group
  • North Coast Macintosh User Group
  • Mac-In-Awe Macintosh User Group
  • Gold Coast Mac Users Group
  • Lewiston/Auburn Macintosh Users Group
  • North Florida Macintosh User Group
  • Macintosh User Group of Oneonta (MUG ONE)
  • The NorthWest of Us Macintosh Users Group
  • GravenStein Apple Users Group

The efforts of these groups are models for all to follow.

You can find all this news, plus more, at the MUG Center Web site.