Macnification Manages Digital Electron Microscopy Workflow

Orbicule announced the launch and immediate availability of Macnification on Tuesday. The new software allows the scientist to import, organize, find, annotate, analyze, adjust, compare, visualize and publish microscopic images.

"All major image file formats can be imported into Macnification, in addition to many proprietary formats including e.g. Gatan Digital Micrograph (dm3), JEOL SEM images (tiff + txt), MetaMorph Stack (stk), Open Microscopy Environment (ome.tiff) and Zeiss (lsm). Support for more formats is forthcoming. Metdatata is imported as well, and can be viewed and edited in a fully customizable metadata view," Peter Schols said.

The full screen image allows for the various kinds of measurements of the display, and results can be exported to spreadsheet apps, including Numbers, with a single click. The entire workflow is non-destructive of the original image.

The application was written from the ground up for Leopard and takes advantage of Core Animation when viewing virtual cuts. It also leverages Core Image to offer the fastest Extended Depth of Focus (EFI) algorithm of any platform. "In addition, Macnification integrates tightly with Quick Look, Spotlight, Time Machine, Core Data, ImageKit, QuickTime, and many other Mac OS X technologies. It takes full advantage of multiple processor cores," Mr. Scholl added.

Macnification requires Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard, and is priced at ?249 (about US$400). A free 30-day trial is available.