Macromedia & Opera To Work Together On Mac Products

C|Net is reporting that Opera and Macromedia have inked a deal for Macromediia Mac products. The two companies will work together to provide the Opera Web browser as an embedded browser inside some of Macromediais content creation products. Opera is an independent Web browser maker competing in the Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Symbian, QNX, and OS/2 markets. From the article:

Opera, an Oslo, Norway-based browser maker that has managed to eke out a living despite miniscule market share, will provide Macromedia with an embeddable browser. The San Francisco-based software company will integrate the browser into several of its Web development titles for Apple Computeris Macintosh OS.Macromediais products include the Dreamweaver Web-authoring and Flash animation tools.

Under the deal, the two companies will write an API (application programming interface) for plugging in Opera as the default browsing technology for Macromedia software.

This follows a similar deal announced last month that has Opera offering Macromedia Flash capabilities in its browser for the embedded Linux and QNX markets.