Macromedia Talks OS X On The Mac Show

Tonightis Mac Show will feature Macromediais Freehand 10 Project Director, Keith Hutchinson. Mr. Hutchinson will be talking about Macromediais stance regarding OS X, and perhaps give listeners the dirt on where other Macromedia programs stand on the road to Carbonization. According to the Mac Show:

During Mondayis Fireside Chat at the WWDC, Steve Jobs said of OS X development, "The train has left the station."

One of the companies that is riding in the first class section is Macromedia who has beaten all the major developers to the punch when it comes to porting their major product.

Keith Hutchinson, Freehand 10is Product Manager will be on The Mac Show to talk about that porting effort and what this latest version of Freehand brings to the OS X Train.

John Welch is at the aforementioned WWDC and will have a report about Appleis major league GeekFest.

In the Newsmaker of the Week segment, The Mac Show will talk to Chris Barylick. Chris is a freelance writer who, after attending a Rave on Friday, decided to head over to Tysonis Corner Mall to be Appleis very first retail customer - at 4am!! Now, Chris isnit as nuts as this seems but tune in to hear his end of the story.

In the Mac Media Pro segment, Mark Stevens is back and talking to Ra McGuire, Lead Singer of the classic Canadian Rock Band, Trooper.

Chris Breen of Macworld magazine will be on Tech Tips, sponsored by Micromatis Tech Tool Pro 3. Chris did a review of Appleis hottest desktop machines and will be on to discuss the pros and cons of them.

Peter Cohen of will also be on the show to give a recap of the Electronics Entertainment Expo and, last but not least, Hilary Percy has Mac Basics.

The swag bag is re-opening with a vengeance. Not only will they have copies of Tech Tool Por 3 to give away, not only will there be T-shirts from to give away, not only will there be a copy of Myst III: Exile to be awarded and not only will there be a copy of Freehand 10 given out, The Mac Show officially kicks off the "Wait for Macworld Expo in New York" on Wednesday evening.

Every Expo, The Mac Show teams up with IDG to give away Expo Super Passes, valued at *$1200.00*. They are the hottest ticket on the Mac Web and available *only* from The Mac Show! Tune in to win!

You can tune into the Mac Show every Wednesday from 9-11PM EST.