Macron Software Releases Full Version Of Auto-Dialer

Macron Software has announced that ABDialer is out of beta testing and fully released. ABDialer is a utility designed for dialing phone numbers directly from the Mac OS X Address Book. The app features one-click dialing and numerous options for custom configuration. According to Macron Software:

Macron software released today the final version of ABDialer, the most complete and software-only phone dialer for Mac OS X Address Book.

After the first beta, released ad the end of August, many improvements were made to integrate ABDialer with other applications. Using AppleScript, Mac OS X Services or the clipboard ABDialer can dial the phone from virtually every application. Now compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).

ABDialer automate the process of dialing phone numbers stored on the Mac OS X Address Book contacts. With a single click, it can dial the phone, avoiding the user to manually type phone numbers. No more misspelled numbers, just pick up the phone and talk.

You can find more information about the ABDialer release at the Macron Software Web site. ABDialer is available for US$10.00.