Macs Have A Super-Presence On WB's Smallville

Observer Lawrence Han notes that the latest show in the Superman saga, the WBis Smallville, is chock full oi Macs. Smallville airs on Tuesdayis on the WB, in place of another Mac powerhouse, Angel (which moved to Mondays this season). It competes with yet another Mac powerhouse, Foxis 24, which airs at the same time on that network. From Lawrence:

Donit know if you saw this on WBis Smallville, but..

In the Smallville episode with the Coach that could start fires, Lex Luthor uses a Titanium PowerBook and the School newspaper uses iMacs for their publishing. I was surprised at how visible Apple was in that episode. Did Apple pay for Product Placement or was it WB?

Lawrence Han

You can find more information on Smallville at The WBis Web site. Thanks to Lawrence Han for the heads up, and if you have a Mac sighting, please let us know.