Macs In Space Could Help The World Go Wireless

Business Week is reporting that one enterprising "computer geek" aims to bring global wireless connectivity to computer users using a net of low level satellites housing, you guessed it, Macs. Dennis Wingo, an Aerospace engineer, believes that current satellite systems are over priced and over designed, and he also believes that G4 based satellites can provide wireless connectivity to users anywhere in the world.

Using, largely, off the shelf components and a modified version of Appleis AirPort technology, Wingo believes he can build a cheap, serviceable, satellite network.

The computers performed well enough to convince Wingo that using the Mac OS to power telecommunications applications in satellites could save big bucks. "Billions of dollars have been spent on standard operating systems," he said. "I can use that investment to lower my cost of doing business," says Wingo.

However, as Business Week reports, creating a satellite network is not for the faint of heart...or those light in the wallet. The initial technology demonstration launch, while being a bargain compared to conventional satellite launches, will still cost an estimated US$10 million. And, considering Wingo estimates that it will take 544 satellites to complete his network, the cost can obviously grow exponentially.

You can find more information in the full Business Week article.