Macs to Drive Apple Shares Up

Even though Appleis stock is lower than it has been for months, market analysts see Mac sales as a driving force behind an expected rebound. Shares could climb 45 to 75 percent over the next 12 months, according to Reuters.

Earnings growth for Apple is expected to average 20 percent year over year for the next five years. That, coupled with the current low stock price, has some investors excited about possible returns.

Last year, Mac sales accounted for about 45 percent of Appleis bottom line. Looking forward, that number should increase as the Mac gains in popularity with mainstream PC users.

Appleis switch to Intel processors for the Mac line up has renewed interest in the PC alternative for both investors and buyers, and the ability to run Windows is seen as a potential conversion tool.

Many analysts think the OS-agnostic position the Mac is in will boost sales and even steal back some of the market from Microsoft and PC makers. Some are speculating that the Mac could have 15 percent of the market within ten years.

Apple stock is currently trading in the pre-market at US$51.84, up 1.17 (2.31%).

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