Macsrok, Streamed Live In QuickTime

A new QuickTime show has hit the Internet wired waves, Macsrok. Macsrok is based out of Australia, and offers a look at the future of the Macintosh platform, while also examining some of the key technology based aspects of todayis society. Macsrok features commentary and guest analysis on a wide range of topics. According to Macsrok:

Macsrok is a bi-Weekly Webcast from Australia produced, directed and cast by three mac-heads in Wagga Wagga NSW. Anyone out there who is even remotely interested in what the future will be like and how todays newest technical gear (apple and non-apple) are taking us there, tune in every Sunday and Thursday night at 10:30 PM (Sydney Time).

NEWSFLASH! - Tune in on Thursday 9th Nov for Special Guest Feature Video from the Infamous Virax Skelaxin of Viomed Laboratories direct from the USA.

Our last show was kicked off with some really weird audio by "Liquid Tension Experiment" . Check out for info on them. Alex reviewed the Powerbook Duo 230 on our new segment titled "Old School Mac of the Week". Breadboi talked about Steve Jobs and his role at NeXT, Audio apps like "Player Pro". Lukas talked about Macsrokis Upcoming special Guest Virax Skelaxian and PSX. Thanks to all you viewers out there for all the supportive mail. Tune into Macsrokat 10:30 on Thursday and weill finally have Jono Collingridge here at last!!

You can find more information about upcoming shows at the Macsrok web site.