Mactivity President Paul Kent to Join IDG, Will Oversee Macworld

IDG World Expo announced Wednesday that Paul Kent, the president of Mactivity, would be joining IDG as vice president, with specific responsibilities over Macworld Expo. Mactivity has long been the company charged with managing Macworldis extensive conferences and sessions, and Mr. Kentis new role at IDG will make him "responsible for the overall growth and management of Macworld Conference & Expo."

"Iim thrilled to expand my role with IDG World Expo by assuming the overall management of Macworld Conference & Expo," said Mr. Kent in a statement. "The Mac marketplace is one of the most dynamic and exciting environments in the world. I look forward to continuing the tradition of innovation that makes Macworld the definitive meeting place for customers to experience the most brilliant products in the technology industry."

Mr. Kent has been in the Mac industry for 22 years, and has had involvement with Mactivity, Interop, Voice on the Net, Java Business Expo, QuickTime Live and Programmable World. In addition to managing Macworldis conferences, Mactivity also produced such events as Mac Networkers Retreat, which will be brought over to IDG.

For the sake of full disclosure, Paul Kent is also a founding member of the Macworld All Star Band, whose membership includes TMO president Dave Hamilton and editor-in-chief Bryan Chaffin, not to mention TMO columnist Bob LeVitus (Chris Breen, Chuck La Tournous, Duane Straub, and Tom Irish are also members).