Macuser UK Reports Apple May Release 800 MHz TiBooks Next Week

Macuser UK is reporting that Apple may be releasing updated PowerBook G4s, or TiBooks as they have been nicknamed, as early as next week. According to the magazineis brief story, supplies of the current models have been drying up, and company will be releasing a new 667 MHz low end model, with an 800 MHz model on the high end. From Macuser UKis story:

Reports indicate that two new models will debut on 30 April. The entry-level specification is expected to feature a 667MHz processor and a 20Gb hard disk, while the top-end machine will use an 800MHz chip and have a 40Gb hard disk.

The article is a short one, but there is additional information we did not quote in it. Join in on the discussion about this in our forums.