Macware Now Selling Xupport, Renamed MacTuneUp

Macware, a Macintosh software publisher, is now selling Xupport 3.3.3 with a new product name: MacTuneUp. Recently added features include new access to hidden features in Dashboard and Screen Capture as well as activation of advanced options in Disk Utility.

MacTuneUp has the following features:

  • Create a bootable backup of your hard disk that can be used to create disk clones, move your running operating system from one disk to another (for example, when replacing a hard disk), or to backup system folders individually. You can also create a disk image of a system volume that can be recovered using Apple Software Restore (ASR).
  • Accelerate your Internet network connection with a few simple clicks to boost the performance of your email, FTP, Internet browsing, chats, and other online activity.
  • Keep your Mac running like new with an easy Maintenance Pilot that runs periodic tasks, repairs permissions and optimizes your system.
  • Add an extra layer of protection to your Mac by configuring your Mac firewall or adding a custom firewall with your own set of rules to keep harmful files off your system.

MacTuneUp 3.3.3 is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. The publisher told TMO that 100% Leopard compatibility will be guaranteed after Mac OS X 10.5 ships. It is priced at US$29.99.