Macworld CreativePro Photo Gallery I

Itis another Macworld, sort of, and though the show is a fraction of the size of previous Expos, we still have lots of pics. Todayis images come to you from John F. Braun, and feature some of the cool booths and sights of Macworld CreativePro.

Check out the close ups of the Power Mac G5, as well as the cool speakers from JBL. Now, the clown...Believe it or not, he does tech support for TekServe.

dscn1357.jpgThe Mighty G5dscn1358.jpgWorldis First 64-Bit Computerdscn1360.jpgWelcome to Macworlddscn1361.jpgG5 Side View
dscn1366.jpgG5 Rear Viewdscn1367.jpgG5 "Cheese Grater" Front Viewdscn1374.jpgFunky JBL Speakersdscn1376.jpgMore Funky Speakers
dscn1384.jpgCute Little Puppydscn1388.jpgNeat Belkin Displaydscn1389.jpg2-Headed iMac?!dscn1391.jpgA Mutant!

Would You Trust This Clown?