Macworld Expo Keynote Available to All

If you canit get enough of watching Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrate iLife i06 for half an hour, Apple has you covered with a stream of todayis keynote presentation.

Other highlights include the 3D charts Mr. Jobs featured throughout the presentation (new to Keynote 3, available today as part of iWork i06) and a nifty iPod remote/FM receiver that accounted for all of the iPod news out of Apple today.

For those wanting a bit more meat and potatoes, you can see the two new Intel Macs, some financial information, and the momentous occasion when Intel CEO Paul Otellini came on stage wearing a bunny suit.

Lastly, if the two viewings of a 30 second ad Apple created to promote the new Macs with Intel processors during the keynote leaves you still wanting more (or you canit stop thumping your head to the Moby soundtrack), Apple has made the ad available for viewing on its site as well.