MadTV Spoofs Steve Jobs and George Bush

A MadTV skit of Steve Jobs and his new product unveiling, iRack,has been posted at YouTube. Itis a lighthearted and clever look at Steve Jobs throwing everything into iRack. Wait. Perhaps itis George Bush throwing everything into Iraq.

"Mr. Jobs! The iRack looks unstable!"

"Trust me," he said.

Michael McDonald, a MadTV cast member for 9 seasons, brilliantly poked fun Appleis CEO and engaged in some political satire simultaneously.

Spoof: Steve Jobs unveils plans for iRack

Back in 2005, to his credit, Michael McDonald accompanied Karri Turner (from TVis JAG), and Kathy Griffin to Iraq to entertain our troops when not many other celebrities risked going there. That volunteer trip revealed something about the real life side of this talented comedian.