MagiSign Illustrator Plug-ins Updated

New Ceres Solutions has updated their collection of Illustrator plug-ins, NCS MagiSign. The MagiSign plug-ins, targeted at sign makers and screen printers, allow users to produce high-quality and professional looking signs and screen prints from within Illustrator. According to New Ceres Solutions:

New Ceres Solutions today announced the release 1.2 of NCS MagiSign, its collection of plug-inis for Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and 9.0, and that SignofNCS, its first collection of plug-inis for Adobe Illustrator, will now be available as a free download on its web site ). French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian language versions of SignofNCS will be available on CD-ROM at a nominal fee.

Considering the price, high quality and number of features offered by Adobe in its leading vector-based design software program, we considered it to be a nightmare for sign makers and screen printers to be forced to buy expensive dedicated sign software, in order to import and to cut designs created in standard products like Adobe Illustrator. This belief led us, in 1995, to develop SignofNCS, the first commercial plug-in for Adobe Illustrator to serve the professional sign making and screen printing market.

Thanks to its unique open architecture, SignofNCS was designed to integrate itself into Adobe Illustrator 5.0 to 7.0, thus allowing it to drive vinyl sign cutting plotters directly from the menu of their favorite design sofware. Unlike bridge software programs, SignofNCS also eliminates the need to export and to import data from one application to another. Instead, the designer need only select the paths to reproduce and send them directly to the plotter through the SignofNCS dialog.

We would like to thank all our existing customers for the confidence they have demonstrated, which has been justified by the reliability and ease of use of our products. Please be assured that, in order to keep abreast of advancing technology, we are concentrating all of our energy into the development of future versions of this product. As a result of our continuing effort on behalf of this important market, NCS MagiSign is now the finest contemporary solution available to graphics professionals for production of quality signs directly from Adobe Illustrator.

The latest release of NCS MagiSign includes NCS MagiSign Server, a utility to plot in the background or on a network.

We are also pleased to announce a wonderful offer to the community of sign makers, designers and screen printers:SignofNCS, our first collection of plug-ins, using Adobe Illustrator 5.0 to 7.0 on MacOS, is now available for free! Download and use them with our compliments, and then come back to New Ceres Solutions to take advantage of the even greater benefits of NCS MagiSign, which is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and 9.0.

NCS MagiSign is available for US$699. You can find more information at the MagiSign Web site.