MailArmor Gives our Observers Props With An Update

MailArmor has released an update for the self-titled app, bringing it to version 1.1. MailArmor is a spam filtering app designed for preventing unsolicited emails from entering a users account. The lates version features SpamCop support and other enhancments including a new Web site. According to the MailArmor:

Dear Sirs/Madams,

First of all weid like to thank you very much for the support you gave us in the (how recent!) past: many visitors from your website have checked out our software, and the feedback has been so strong that weive released a new version that implements many of the suggestions that were pouring from users.

We thought youid have been interested in the evolution of the software. Here is just a partial list of modifications:

  • Added complete SpamCop support: can send spam reports with a button click and query their blacklist transparently
  • Added a wizard/assistant to help create new accounts step by step
  • Added maximum value to delete immediately messages with a high spam score
  • First checks after launching are faster now, and the software uses somewhat less memory
  • A bar shows the progress for checking mail
  • A new website!

You can find more information about the MailArmor release at the MailArmor Web site. MailArmor 1.1 is free for personal use, while a single server license is available for US$15.00.