Mail Merger Software Adds Features, Fixes Bugs

Intelli Innovations has released a new version of its mail merge software. Among the changes, the company added message priorities in message options. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce IntelliMerge 1.2.7, a feature revision to our powerful, easy-to-use e-mail merge software for Mac OS X. This update adds custom headers, a new Record ID merge field, status indicators for database functions, and message priority options.à

IntelliMerge 1.2.7 Release Notes

  • [New] Custom Headers (in Message Options) lets you add customized notes and tracking information to the headers of your messages.
  • [New] Record ID merge field (Tags palette > Date tab) inserts IntelliMergeis record identifier for the target recipient.
  • [New] IntelliMerge now shows the progress of invalid e-mail and duplicate checks.
  • [New] Message priority setting is now available in Message Options.
  • [Bug] Clicking the Define Fields button in the Import window now correctly opens the Define Fields window.
  • [Bug] Define Fields now saves renamed field names correctly when the dialog is opened and saved twice in a row.

IntelliMerge is available for US$69.95 ($59.95 for online delivery) and you can find more information on the product at Intelli Innovationis site.