Mainstream G5 Press - The Globe And Mail Is Impressed

The Globe And Mail, a Canadian newspaper, has published a piece about the new Power Mac G5 that Apple announced on Monday. The author goes over the machine itself, as well as the "megahertz gap" that it is supposed to address. He goes on to compare the new G5 to the G4, and the old Photoshop-only bake-offs to the new varied tests. From the article:

Starting in August, a new 64-bit processor co-developed by Apple and IBM, will bring unprecedented speed and performance to the Mac platform. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the new PowerMac G5 is "the worldis fastest personal computer" -- faster than any system using Intelis Pentium 4 or Xeon processors.

For several years, Apple fans have watched in dismay as the "megahertz gap" widened between PCs and Macs. Mondayis introduction of a truly speedy Macintosh was thrilling news for Mac users. With the PowerMac G5, it appears that Apple and IBM have actually surpassed current Intel technology and built a platform that has "legs" for the future.

The PowerMac G5 is definitely built for speed. The G5 processor can handle more than 10 times as many simultaneous instructions as Motorolais G4 processor (215 versus 16). The "pipes" that take data to and from the G5 "brain" have been redesigned for better performance.

You can read the full article at The Globe And Mailis Web site.