Mainstream Movie Site Reviews Final Cut Express

CreativePlanets has posted a review of the recently released Final Cut Express (FCE) for Mac users. CreativePlanets is platform agnostic site aimed towards the movie industry, and caters to a market that is not Mac-specific. The article details the ins-and-outs of FCE namely the major differences between iMovie and Final Cut Pro, but also looks at some of the issues involving Avid. According to CreativePlanets:

"With the introduction of Final Cut Express, Apple is clearly aiming for the legions of DV camcorder users around the world who find iMovie too limiting, and Final Cut Pro too intimidating."

"But if you step back for a moment and consider the carefully chosen name, Final Cut Express, Apple seems to have a bigger target in mind -- namely Avid."

"At first glance, Final Cut Express looks just like itis big brother. In fact, if it werenit for a few minor changes to the interface, you would never know you werenit looking at Final Cut Pro."

"The browser layout has also been defaulted to the large icon view rather than list view which makes it easier for folks coming from the iMovie camp to view their clips as thumbnails the way they currently view them in the iMovie shelf."

"If you plan on doing a lot of animation or compositing, you will find the tools in Express lacking."

"As for filters and title generators, Apple did not skimp and you have the full compliment of filters and generators that Final Cut Pro users enjoy with one notable exception; the 3-way color corrector has been pulled."

You can read the full article at the CreativePlanets Web site.