Make Mine MPEG-4 Updated With AAC File Exporting

Doug Adams has released an update for Make Mine MPEG-4, bringing it to version 4.2. Make Mine MPEG-4 is a AppleScript utility designed for adjusting the audio quality within iTunes. The latest release features support for AAC file exporting. According to Doug Adams:

You paid for QuickTime Pro features–but iTunes 4 wonit let you use them all. Make Mine MPEG-4 will!

While iTunes 4 does enable you to rip CD tracks as AAC files using QuickTime Pro, it keeps QuickTime Audio Quality locked-in at "Good" (ignoring "Better" and "Best"), and doesnit give you any options to change Streaming and Compatibility settings.

Make Mine MPEG-4 automates the process of importing iTunes CD Tracks and encoding them as MPEG-4/AAC files (.m4a, .mp4, or .mov) while allowing you to take full advantage of QuickTime Prois export settings.

This latest version of Make Mine MPEG-4 adds the ability to export AAC files as iTunes-preferred ".m4a" type.

You can find more information about the Make Mine MPEG-4 update at the Doug Adams Web site. Make Mine MPEG-4 is available shareware for US$7.00.