"Make That Two Slices Of iHam On iRye, With A Side Of Update"

SearchWare Solutions has acquired and updated iHam on iRye from the now defunct StimpSoft. iHam on iRye is a remote iTunes controller designed for network control over iTunes on a Mac. The update features minor ownership enhancements and code tweaks for Aqua. According to SearchWare Solutions:

Yes, itis official. Unfortunately, StimpSoft has closed down. However, many of its great products will be living on as several Macintosh developers have stepped up to the plate to support and further develop these software gems. As part of the whole deal, SearchWare Solutions has taken on responsibility for support and future development of iHam on iRye for iTunes, the premier iTunes remote control application.

SearchWare Solutions, as part of this commitment, has posted a maintenance release of iHam on iRye, Version 1.1.1.

iHam on iRye is a set of applications designed to allow you to control iTunes 2.0.3 or higher from another computer on a WAN or LAN network. iHam on iRye lets you control just about every function iTunes provides from any other Mac OS-based computer on your network.


iHam on iRye 1.1.1 updates contact information to reflect the new ownership of the product (SearchWare Solutions), makes several minor interface tweaks to make the product more Aqua-compliant and several "under-the-hood" adjustments to clean up the code a little.

You can find more information about the iHam on iRye update at the SearchWare Solutions Web site. iHam on iRye is available as freeware.