Make Web Pages Dance With Updated Animation Tool

Recosoft Corporation has updated their web animation tool, WebShocker, to version 2.2. WebShocker allows users to easily create animations for adding spice and stunning visual elements to their web sites. The new version offers full Classic compatibility for Mac OS X Beta. According to Recosoft:

Recosoft Corporation announces that is has started shipping WebShocker v2.2; a major upgrade to the most popular integrated Web Animation Production Tool for the Macintosh

WebShocker v2.2 contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Fully Compatible with Mac OS X Public Beta (when run under Classic mode)
  • Fully Mac OS 9 Multiple Users compatible
  • Incorporation of the RecoSoft Smart Color Technology. This technology allows for accurate remapping of colors when saving animations that contain thousands or millions of colors as GIF animations
  • Specification of "Color Tolerance" when using the Paint Bucket tool
  • Specification of 9 different types of Fill modes when using the Paint Bucket, Rectangle, Oval, Arc, FreeHand, Polygon, and Rounded Rect tools
  • Opacity Control for the Fill Color being used
  • A thoroughly enhanced and improved "Export Assistant" which allows Zooming the Preview area and adjusting the Color Accuracy when saving animations that contain thousands/millions of colors as GIF Animations
  • Automatic extraction of the 256 most used colors when Importing images that contain thousands/millions of colors
  • Inclusion of the "Extract Animation Colors" command that extracts 256 of the most frequently used colors in the animation
  • Significantly Improved Magic Wand Tolerance feature
  • Other minor enhancements

WebShocker is available for US$49. You can find more information at the Recosoft Corporation web site.