Make Your Web Site Happy

VSE has updated their web site link checking program, VSE Link Tester, to version 3.1. VSE Link Tester allows web masters to easily test their entire site for broken links, thus avoiding the hassle of having users find incorrect or out-of-date links. According to VSE:

Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today an update to their link checker application VSE Link Tester.

VSE Link Tester is a tool which allows Macintosh users to ensure that their web site is working without problems so that customers wonit run into dead ends on a web site.


  • If a web site has been customized for a specific browser, VSE Link Tester can now pose as a specific user agent when testing a site.
  • VSE Link Tester supports 24 different user agents, including MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, iCab and WebTV.
  • This is important if there are different versions of a web page for different web browsers.
  • In addition, several improvements to existing features have been made and some minor bugs have been fixed.

VSE Link Tester is available for US$34.95 for the standard version, and US$99.95 for the business version. You can find more information at the VSE web site.