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Engadget, a site dedicated to gadgets and the use of gadgets (the top story as of this writing is about playing polo with Segways) has published step-by-step directions on turning your iPod into a universal remote control. From Engadget:

This weekis How-To is a fun one, we take an iPod and turn it in to a universal infrared remote control which can be used to control all your home electronic equipment, or just about anything that uses a remote control, for example in our place we have our iPod controlling our TV, DVD Player, Direct TV, Ultimate TV PVR, Media Center PC, Xbox, XM Satellite Radio, Roomba and a few other random things like a Robot.

The instructions are quite detailed, and include images and screen shots of the most important steps. Engadget used a PC for some of the steps, but the site says it can be done with a Mac, too. The instructions also require a PocketPC-based PDA, like an iPaq. Anyone successfully doing this using their Mac is encouraged to post in the comments below.

Thanks to Observer John for the link.

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