Make iChat's Text Input Field Bigger With iChat Enhancer 1.3

GeekSpiff has updated its iChat enhancement utility that is conveniently called iChat Enhancer. iChat Enhancer adds one simple, and much needed, feature to iChat, the ability to make the input text field larger than one-line high. From the productis Web page:

Version 1.3 adds Japanese localization and is updated to use version 1.1 of Unsanityis Application Enhancer. iChat Enhancer lets you change the number of lines used to type a new message in iChat. Since itis not super-obvious what that means, just check out the picture instead...

Use iChat Enhancer to set iChatis input field to as many lines as youid like.

You can find more information about iChat Enhancer at the GeekSpiff Web site. The app is freeware.