Manage Your Fonts In OS X With FontAgent

Insider Software has announced the final release of their font management software, FontAgent X 10.1.5. FontAgent X is a tool for organising, locating, repairing and managing groups of fonts. From the Insider Software press release:

Insider Software announced the addition of a bevy of new features to its powerful Cocoa-based font management utility today. The new release rounds out FontAgentis support for all major font-file formats and improves overall application performance by 20 percent.

New Support for OpenType and Windows TrueType Fonts

Adding to its existing support for PostScript Type 1, Macintosh TrueType fonts, and OS X dfonts, FontAgent now supports OpenType and Windows TrueType fonts, completing support for all the font formats supported by Mac OS X. The new release allows users with the same fonts, in multiple formats, to specify a default activation order. For example, when opening a specific font, a user can choose to look for its OpenType format first, then its Type 1 format, and finally its TrueType format.

A single license of FontAgent may be purchased for US $89.95, while registered users of FontAgent can upgrade for US$49.95. To try it out, there is also a demo version available. You can find more information about FontAgent X at the Insider Software Web site.