Managing Safari's Cookies

Letis face it: Safariis built-in cookie manager isnit all that useful. You can see a list of cookies that different Web sites have placed on your Mac, but itis a real pain to find and delete specific cookie files. Cocoa Cookies, on the other hand, lets you see, sort, and delete cookie files. And in a world where more cookies are added to your Mac nearly every time you visit a Web page, an easy way to find and delete what you donit want seems like a pretty good idea.

Safariis cookie manager is lame.

Cocoa Cookies is a stand-alone application that manages all of the cookies in Tigeris shared cooke system that Safari, Dashboard, NetNewsWire, and other Web applications use. You can sort cookies to more easily find what you are looking for, and also tag specific cookies so they donit get deleted - a handy feature when you want to make sure that specific cookies arenit accidentally deleted.

Cocoa Cookies automatically groups cookies for you.

Cocoa Cookies also lets you search for specific items, making it easier to see lists of related cookies. I use this when I want to find all of the cookies that come from the same domain.

True, you can just change Safariis preferences so that it never accepts cookies, but for some people, cookies are a necessity.

Search to find the cookies you want.

You can download Cocoa Cookies from the Cocoa Cookies Web site. It is free, and Universal Binary, so it will run just fine on PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

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