Managing iTunes Plus Settings

Appleis new iTunes Plus feature means that we can get higher quality DRM-free music downloads at the iTunes Store. It also means we have to choose whether or not to take advantage of iTunes Plus.

The first time you purchase a track that is available in iTunes Plus format, youill get an option to always be offered the higher audio quality version of songs. If you click the iTunes Plus button, youill always see iTunes Plus versions of songs if they are available. If you click the Continue button instead, youill see the standard 128kbps FairPlay copy protected songs you always have.

iTunes lets you choose if you want to always see iTunes Plus songs.

If you later want to change your iTunes Plus settings - either to disable the option to always see the DRM-free 256kbps versions, or to enable the feature - hereis what to do:

  • Launch iTunes and go to the iTunes Store.
  • Click Account. Itis under Quick Links.
  • Click the Manage iTunes Plus button.

  • Manage your iTunes Plus settings from your iTunes account.
  • To disable iTunes Plus, uncheck Always show me iTunes Plus music and music videos when available. Checking this option enables iTunes Plus.

  • Click the checkbox to enable or diable iTunes Plus.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

iTunes Plus tracks include a plus symbol by the price.

When iTunes Plus is enabled, you will see a small plus icon next to the song price in the iTunes Store. If not, song prices will look like they always have.

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