Mandate From The People: Steve Jobs For President!

In a political season that has been low on suspense, RedlightRunner, the source for Appple Collectibles, has thrown Steve Jobsi hat into the ring with their introduction of a "Steve Jobs for President!" t-shirt. The t-shirt is available at RedlightRunner.Com for $14.95. This is just what the political season needed- a viable candidate at a time when the two front-runners seem deadlocked. RedLightRunner has certainly made a bold move by promoting their own political agenda. Weill keep you posted on this pressing development. According to RedLightRunner:
Steve Jobs for President!

Not too excited about Al or Dubya? Why not a better alternative? Steve Jobs for President! RedLightRunner, the source for Apple Collectibles, has a fun new "Steve Jobs for President!" t-shirt, available starting today for $14.95. Itis sure to set off your politically minded friends, and who knows, maybe this is the start of a grassroots campaign!

You can find more information at the RedLightRunner Web site.