Mandolux Adds 10 New Mac Desktop Images

Our friends at Mandolux have added 10 new desktop images at this week. Mandolux has thousands of Mac desktop images in a wide variety of themes and styles. The new additions include Linux themes as well as several abstract images. From Mandolux:

Mandolux has issued this week ten new desktops: three Redhat 8/SPARC (Vector-based), two zenas | closer (Abstract), four Lincoln 2K2 (Abstract/Scenery), and another Technosis/Anthraxis (Abstract) desktop.

About the desktops:

  • The new Vector-based desktops are part of my petition to bring the Linux operating system Redhat 8 to the SPARC platform (Sun Microsystems hardware). As the owner of a Sun Micro server, I would like to continue my investment in the platform by utilizing Redhat 8. I know that Solaris 8/9 would be the best choice for my hardware, not to mention it is a lot more reliable, but Redhat brings a new flavor into the mix – it is easy to install, service and maintain compared to Solaris. Another thing that I love about Redhat is their service Red Hat Network (an update/errata service).
  • The new zenas | closer desktops are named Daghda and Enid. Daghda is really cool in its black composition with the strokes of lights up and down.
  • The four new Lincoln 2K2 desktops are a continuation of one of the best themes at my site. The desktops are available in both normal and letterbox formats.
  • Lastly, the new Technosis/Anthraxis desktop is called Contrast and itis just that – a contrast of black and white ridges. Itis pretty fun to have.

You can find the new images, as well as the past archives, at