Mandolux Goes From Impressionism To Cold Hard Cash

After releasing a rather extensive set of Impressionistic desktop pictures, Mandolux has shifted focus to cash. The latest series of desktop pictures features currency from around the world, and is called The Money Series. According to Mandolux:

I just want to let you know of another first for - The introduction of a new desktop series: The Money Series. [I do not recall any other website who distributes money desktops ever]. There are 36 of these desktops for your enjoyment right now and a lot more in the works. The desktops are based from bills from all over the world, in this case, there is Burmese, Japanese, and Mexican money (Soon, Chinese, Finish, Euro, Danish, Spanish, Brazilian, Mexican, and many others - Iim quite excited and giddy about it! ;-) ).

You can find the latest series of desktop pictures at the Web site.