Mandolux Offers Desktops For TMO, ResEx, IconFactory, MacMinute, MacMonkies

We are delighted to inform you that our friends at have posted a new series of desktop images for The Mac Observer, ResExcellence, The IconFactory, MacMinute, and MacMonkies. Calling it Appreciation Week, Mandolux has developed some outstanding desktop images that are dedicated to each of the above sites. The note we received:

I would like to inform you that my Appreciation Week desktops are now up and running at my site:

I am very much obliged to you and your wonderful staff. I wished I was more eloquent but I guess what I want to say from the bottom of my heart is thank you so much.

Frankly, we very much appreciate it right back at you, Mando. On behalf of the entire staff at TMO, thank you very much! You can find the above desktop, as well as the desktops for the other sites, at