Mandolux Posts Five New Mac Desktops

Our friends at Mandolux have released five new Mac desktop images. Mandolux is a site that hosts hundreds of Mac desktop images, many of them based on photography and other creative imagery. The new images come in two categories that Mandolux has designated "Troop Support/Patriotic," and "Nature/Tiger Lilly." From Mandolux:

About the desktops:

  • The latest Vector-based desktop is titled ‘BE SAFE\\\\BE STRONG’ and it is a patriotic desktop dedicated to our troops in the Middle East and all places where these brave men and women are fighting for our Freedom. We may not agree with the present policies in place, but we must demonstrate that the men and women in our arm forces have our full unquestionable support.
  • Lastly, there is a new set of Giant Petals titled Saffi. This is a smooth picture of a Tiger Lilly petal at the very close distance (macro).

You can find the new desktop images at the Mandolux Web site.