Mandolux Ships 16 More Desktop Pictures has released another 16 new desktop pictures for your consumption. The first set of 8 focuses on 3-D effects, while the second continues the Tetra series of desktops. According to

There are 8 new desktops available. These new wallpapers represent the next evolution in desktops at mandolux. Whatis so interesting of these pictures is their 3D effect it provides your desktop when contrasted with the icons. Not to mention that when used with 3D goggles, the full effect of the desktop is more transcending.

There are 8 additional new desktops that are a continuation of the next generation of desktops, Tetra, representing a new dimension on the idea of 3D picture on a desktop. This is another first for mandolux.

The new desktops are available for free. You can find more information at the Mandolux Web site.