Maplesoft Announces Upcoming Release Of Maple 9

Maplesoft has announced the upcoming release of Maple, version 9. Maple is a utility designed for mathematical analysis. The latest version will feature an improved interface and an open infrastructure with VB code generation. According to Maplesoft:

Maplesoft(tm), the leading source of mathematical software for educators, researchers and professionals, announces the upcoming release of Maple(tm) 9, the newest version of the widely adopted Maple analytical computation software.

The improvements in Maple 9 focus on three areas: a more open and accessible infrastructure; a more versatile user interface; and continued innovation in mathematics education and analytical computation-the core strengths of the Maple product.

Highlights of new features in Maple 9:

  • Code generation to MATLAB® and Visual Basic®
  • An API into Maple
  • Mac OS® X platform support
  • New Help system interface
  • OpenVizTM graphics
  • User interface enhancements
  • New Student packages
  • Continued innovation in mathematical computation

You can find more information about the upcoming release of Maple 9 at the Maplesoft Web site. Maple 9 is expected to be shipping in late June