Marathon Computers Now Shipping Rackmount System For 20" And 23" Cinema Displays

Marathon Computer is now shipping rackmount systems for Appleis 20" and 23" Cinema Displays. The rackmounts are designed for attaching the beefy monitors to walls to free up desk space. The mounts feature cushioned saddles for display protection and support for 19" equipment racks. According to Marathon Computers:

Marathon Computer has added to its wallmount and rackmount lineup mounting solutions for Apple 20" and 23" Cinema Displays.

The latest additions to Marathonis Wallmount lineup complete the product line begun in March. These wallmounts serve double duty as rackmounts for standard 19" equipment racks. Mounting is very sturdy and stable, with the weight of the display resting in a cushioned saddle.

Cinema Display Mount features include:

  • Steel and brushed aluminum construction that complements the Cinema Displayis appearance
  • Almost invisible in use
  • Quick installation with easy, illustrated instructions
  • Secure installation at a comfortable viewing angle
  • Display rests in cushioned saddle
  • Works as both wallmount and rackmount solution for standard 19" equipment racks
  • Installation is easily revertible for return to desktop
  • Accommodates 20", 22", and 23" Apple Cinema Displays

You can find more information about the Cinema Display rackmounts at the Marathon Computers Web site. The 20" and 23" Cinema Display rackmounts are available for US$125.00.