Marathon Mod "Return to Marathon" Released

The Marathon community has been busy lately. The still very active map and mod making community has been very merrily producing some exciting new material for Marathon fans everywhere to enjoy. Just last week Rubicon was announced, and today another new mod has been released. Return to Marathon is now available for download at the Return to Marathon Web site

Imagine yourself awaking alone
in a small unknown ship
flying across the cold and dark universe
far from Earth
in the middle of nowhere

A few kilometers nearby, floating
in outer space,
a huge dead abandoned ship:
the U.E.S.C.Marathon,
where more than 180 years ago
all your battles began

You can find more information on Return to Marathon at the projectis Web site. If your a Marathon fan from way back and still enjoy this title on your Mac, then head on over and download this latest mod and give it a go. You wonit be sorry.