Marathon Shipping Compact Keyboard For Rackmounts

Marathon Computer is now shipping the R*Keyboard. The R*Keyboard is a compact USB keyboard designed for rackmount applications. The keyboard ships with a trackpad, foldout feet, and slot for fixed rack mounting. According to Marathon Computer:

Marathon Computer announces a compact USB keyboard with built-in trackpad, especially designed for rackmounting.

Addressing this need, Marathon Computer introduces the R*Keyboard.

The R*Keyboard measures less than 15.25" in width by 5.5" in depth and less than one and five-eighth inches high. Its compact size and built-in GlidePoint touchpad make it an ideal keyboard for rackmounting.

R*Keyboard features include:

  • Macintosh key layout and labeling
  • Built-in GlidePoint touchpad with right and left buttons
  • Function keys numbered F1 through F15
  • Embedded cursor keys
  • Extra fn key for cross-platform compatibility
  • LEDs for capslock, scroll lock and power readout
  • Built-in 55" USB cable with USB pass-through port
  • Fold-out feet for height adjustment
  • Keyhole slots for fixed mounting
  • Measures 15.19" (38.58 cm) X 5.56" (14.13 cm) X 1.55" (3.94 cm)

You can find more information about R*Keyboard release at the Marathon Computer Web site. The R*Keyboard is available for US$100.00.