Mariner Offers Special Price on Avenir & MacJournal

Mariner Software announced on Friday that they have partnered with Return Self Software to offer a special bundle: MacJournal and Avenir together for US$49. Offer expires at midnight (CDT).

Avenir is new kind of software for writers. Part word processor, part database, completely focused on the creative process.

MacJournal & Avenir

MacJournal 4 is journaling software for the Macintosh. One can create a personal journal with two level security: password protection and encryption. It allows the recording of daily ideas in nested, multiple journals as well as assigning entry keywords.

MacJournal requires Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later and is a Univeral Application. The special promotion is available at Marineris Website. The bundle is priced at US$49.95 until midnight CDT on April 20th.