Mark Malson Shipping MP3 Utility

Mark Malson is now shipping AutoTagX 1.0 for Mac users. AutoTagX is an MP3 utility designed for organizing MP3 music files with consistent tags and labels. The app ships with bulk labeling support for multi-CD collections and complete folder tagging. According to Mark Malson:

Mark Malson is very pleased to announce the release of AutoTagX(tm) Version 1.0 for Mac OS X.

AutoTagX(tm) 1.0 helps you organize your MP3 collection better and faster by giving you an easy way to make sure your tags, file names, and folder names are consistent and correct. If you organize your MP3 files into folders by the original CD, AutoTagX(tm) will save you TONS of time.


  • Unified user interface lets you tag all the tracks in the folder at once
  • FreeDB interface lets you grab track names and album information so you donit have to type it in
  • Multi-disc feature lets you tag multi-CD collections all in one shot
  • Smart links to let you instantly access information about the artist, album, or track
  • Flexible naming of track files and album folders

You can find more information about the AutoTagX release at the Mark Malson Web site. AutotagX 1.0 is available for US$12.95.