MarketCircle Releases Update to DayLite

Marketcircle has announced an update to DayLite, a contact and sales information manager exclusively for Mac OS X. The new version incorporates a new importer for ACT! data, refined Mac OS X Address Book sync, a new manual, and many bug fixes. From the press release:

Marketcircle Inc, the makers of DayLite, today announced the completed development of the latest version of DayLite, 1.3, that includes a specialized importer for ACT! data. The importer is a powerful tool for PC users looking to make a seamless switch to the Mac and for Mac users looking to make a seamless switch to Mac OS X.

"DayLite is a powerful contact and sales manager for small businesses already on the Mac and for those looking to make the switch," said Alykhan Jetha (AJ), Marketcircleis president. "With this latest update, DayLite users can quickly and easily import customer and prospect data from other platforms to Mac OS X."

The existing text importer has also been extended to allow groups, organizations, opportunities, notes, tasks or timeblocks to be imported from a text file with delimited values. A complimenting exporter has also been added to DayLiteis rapidly growing feature set.

Also included in this new version are label printing, campaign management features, more comprehensive account management features, a call log, more custom field options, integration with MailDrop, the ability to assign any record to a user and more flexibility for the Address Book sync. There are also significant performance improvements for the business edition.

The free version 1.3 upgrade, along with a new and improved user manual, is available electronically from their website ( and from select Marketcircle partners. For more information about whatis new in Marketcircleis DayLite, visit

You can purchase DayLite online at, over the phone (905-763-0176) or through a Marketcircle Partner at The DayLite Business Edition is currently being offered for US $149.

More information on DayLite can be found at Marketcircleis Web site.