Markus Brand Updates Address-o-sync With Improved Synching

Markus Brand has released an update for Address-o-sync, bringing it to version 1.1. Address-o-sync is a utility designed for synching Appleis Address Book to a Rendevouz network. The update features improved synching and the addition of a log window. According to Markus Brand:

A new Version of Address-o-sync has been released today. (Vers. 1.1)

Address-o-sync is an easy to use, but powerful "iSync" style application to share and sync the contacts and addressbook groups of the Apple addressbooks on your Rendevouz network.

With address-o-sync it is possible to share the entire addressbook or only certain groups created in the addressbook, that means you are able to choose which group of contacts (e.g. company) will be shared and which should not be accessible. (e.g. private)

To prevent that every person in your network can get your addressbook contacts you will be asked to determine a password that people will need to get access to your addressbook.

Improvements in the new Version (address-o-sync 1.1):

  • Powerful Log Window added, that shows which contacts have been synced
  • Notes in Contacts will be synced now, if activated in the Address Book Preferences. (See FAQ)
  • New, lighter interface
  • New Help File with improved FAQ section
  • Easier Donation Payment via PayPal

You can find more information about the Address-o-sync update at the productis home page. Address-o-sync is available as donationware.