Massive Mac Vs. PC Shootout Updated

Charles Gaba of, also known as BlueDjinn in the TMO forums, has updated his somewhat controversial and massive Mac Vs. PC shootout. Dubbed the "AAPLTalk Price/Performance System Shootouts," this is an extremely comprehensive comparison between various Mac models and competing PC models from major manufacturers. Though many aspects of the rating system are somewhat subjective, the new shootouts include the ability for you to enter information about your system (or any system you wish to compare) and get a rating based on your criteria. From Mr. Gaba:

Yes, glutton for punishment that I am, Iive gone back and done a complete re-working of the entire System Shootout site, expanding, enhancing, and generally improving every aspect of the comparisons!

New features include:

  • completely revised versions of all 5 shootouts, plus the all-new $1,500 iMac shootout!
  • Optional pop-up windows with expanded & easier-to-read point-scoring explanations
  • A fully-documented essay on processor speeds, benchmark testing, the Tech-Report debacle, and the “Megahertz Myth”
  • expanded shootout categories including Energy Use, Level 1 Cache, Usable Lifespan, Hardware Quality, Tech Support Quality, and “the Mac Mystique” (special add-on)
  • a scoring graph with concluding thoughts
  • By Popular Demand, Iive added a “Rate Your Own System” column (where visitors can drop in their own scores for whatever system theyid like to compare)
  • By Popular Demand, several AMD Athlon systems have been added to the mix
  • the brand new AAPLTalk Message Boards!
  • A NEW, PERMANENT HOME URL (at long last!!)

This is a very good comparison in our opinion, and it is definitely worth checking out. We repeat that some elements of this comparison are subjective, a fact readily acknowledged by Mr. Gaba, but we think they are mostly right on target.