Master Your Mac Remotely

The latest installement of David Pogueis Mastering Your Mac series is available for your consumption at the Apple Product Guide web site. This monthis edition deals with using Appleis Remote Access for a variety of online functions. Here is a sample from this monthis Mastering Your Mac:

Mac OS 9 is amazingly accommodating when it comes to letting you connect to your Mac from a distant location. In fact, it offers you three different ways to do so:

File Sharing over the Internet. The folders you share using the Mac?s standard network file-sharing feature can be made available to anyone on the Internet. You can use all the security features and access-privilege features of standard file sharing. If your co-workers know the IP address of your Mac, they can access its contents from anywhere in the world via the Internet. They must have a Macintosh to do so, however.

You can find the complete article, and a list of past Mastering Your Mac articles, at the Apple Products Guide web site.