Math Illustrator Update From Pedagoguery

Pedagoguery Software Inc. has released an update for Tess, bringing it to version 1.05. Tess is a educational mathematical app designed for symmetric planar illustrations. The update has several new features including Korean language support. According to Pedagoguery Software:

Tess 1.05 for the Macintosh is now available for download from Pedagoguery Software Inc. The previous version was Tess 1.04, released July 4, 2000.

Tess is an educational mathematics application for the Mac. With Tess, you can quickly create attractive symmetric planar illustrations. While you draw, Tess will automatically maintain a symmetry group you chosen; 11 rosette, all 7 frieze, and all 17 wallpaper groups are included.

Changes since the previous version:

  • A Korean interface is now available
  • Using the preferences, you can now choose the system of notation used to name symmetry groups
  • A fundamental region or a lattice cell for the current symmetry group can now be shown by selecting either "Show a Fundamental Region" or "Show a Lattice Cell" in the "View" menu
  • Guides for mathematical terminology and symmetry group notation have been added
  • The amount of rounding or smoothing applied to the corners of objects can now be controlled by entering a maximum corner radius
  • "Smooth" and "Sharpen" menu items have been added to the "Object" menu
  • You can now enable and disable the stroking and filling of already created objects
  • You can now choose the type of mathematical curve used to make up each object
  • JIF, PCX, and DXF export are now available

You can find more information about the Tess update at the Pedagoguery Software Inc. Web site. Tess 1.05 is available for US$36.00.