Math Illustrator Update From Pedagoguery

Pedagoguery Software Inc. has released an update for Tess, bringing it to version 1.06. Tess is a educational mathematical app designed for symmetric planar illustrations. The update has several improved tiling features including a Heesch tiling function. According to Pedagoguery Software:

Tess 1.40 for the Macintosh is now available (December 13, 2001) for download.

The previous version was Tess 1.06, released November 9, 2001.

Changes since the previous version:

  • You can now create a Heesch tiling by selecting "New Heesch Tiling" under "File". Information on Heesch tilings can be viewed by selecting "Heesch Tilings" from the help menu
  • All 28 Heesch tilings are supported; Heesch tilings are symmetric illustrations that use a single type of tile to fill the plane without gaps
  • Translational symmetry vectors for the current symmetry group can now be shown or hidden using the "Show Translations" menu item in the "View" menu
  • You can now adjust the translational symmetries used for wallpaper groups. First show the translational symmetry vectors and then move the non-vertical vectoris head or stalk to adjust its length or orientation; single-clicking will allow you to enter a numerical value

You can find more information about the Tess update at the Pedagoguery Software Inc. Web site. Tess 1.06 is available for US$36.00.